Sehat Psychology can provide clinical supervision to psychologists. Dr Reza Nejad is a Board Approved Supervisor and also a Registrar Program Principal Supervisor providing primary supervision for those seeking Clinical Psychology endorsement.

Supervision types

Peer supervision/consultation: This service is designed to meet the peer consultation requirement of fully registered and experienced psychologists. Psychologists are required to obtain 10 hours of peer supervision per registration cycle as part of their 30 hours of continuing professional development.

Clinical Endorsement Supervision: For registered psychologists with a postgraduate degree in clinical psychology who wish to meet their supervision obligations as they work towards full membership of the APS College of Clinical Psychologists and Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) and Australian Health Practitioners Registration Authority (AHPRA) endorsement as a clinical psychologist.

Pathway supervision: (Usually 4 + 2, sometimes 5 + 1) for provisionally registered psychologists wishing to meet the supervision requirements in their journey to gain full PsyBA registration and AHPRA recognition as a psychologist.

Modes of supervision

Supervision can be provided face-to-face, via Zoom and, or by phone.

Supervision sessions are normally 60 minutes in duration, however sometimes 90 minute and even 120 min sessions are required to meet AHPRA and PsyBA requirements.

Supervision fees

Standard 60 min: Peer supervision $160 + GST, clinical endorsement supervision $180 + GST, pathways supervision $180 + GST.

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